Richard Anderson: Time-Honoured Tailoring

Independently owned, Richard Anderson was set up by its founders to take the age-old craft of tailoring forward by blending contemporary flair with traditional techniques.

Despite having over 100 years of experience between them, Richard Anderson and Brian Lishak would be quick to point out just how challenging it is to build a successful brand in this day and age. Brian Lishak stepped through the doors of Huntsman in 1956 as a junior sales assistant, forging a remarkable career at the iconic house that saw him serving the finest bespoke suits to lords, ladies and Hollywood royalty including Katherine Hepburn, Paul Newman and Gregory Peck. Fellow Huntsman alumnus, Richard Anderson, was fortunate to learn underneath legendary former Head Cutter Colin Hammick, whose guidance supplemented Anderson’s talent and dedication to become the youngest-ever head cutter in the firm’s history.

It is only natural after such distinguished careers working for another institution, that they would harness an aesthetic and create an environment of their own. Anderson and Lishak felt it was time to take the age-old craft of bespoke tailoring forward by blending modern flair with traditional techniques. When they started, Anderson erected a cutting board in his garage and Lishak rented a desk on the next street in W1. When 13 Savile Row eventually became available, they took it, and in the ensuing years have sensitively refurbished the premises into a grand tailoring house, where the cutters work on long tables underneath natural light.


    Freddie Anderson


    August 2021


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