Ripa Ripa's Mediterranean must-haves

Italy in the Sixties yielded some of the century’s best summer style, which is why Ripa Ripa looked to the archives to inform its new season collection.

Sun-baked paths to undisturbed beaches. Bleached driftwood. Mediterranean water tickling the shoreline. The gentle lapping of waves against the hull. Fresh peach juice on salty fingertips and condensation on a cold beer. Italian workshop Ripa Ripa has tapped into those inimitable moments we treasure from a trip to the Med – be it beach club, boat or bolthole – and channelled them into a collection of evocative swimwear and holiday staples you’ll want to wear all day, and all night.

Inspired by island life in the Sixties, founders Anna Laura Hoefer and Oliviero Muzi Falconi channelled the mahogany tans, mosaic prints and laidback lifestyle of the era into their swimwear, manufactured in Italy and constructed in their 'laboratorio' in Naples, which is headed up by two young local craftsmen, Luigi and Salvatore.



June 2021


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