A Taste of the High Life

Rolls-Royce’s recently launched Champagne Chest brings new meaning to luxury living, guaranteeing an epicurean experience like no other.

No doubtthepleasure seekers among us can agree: there are few finer things in life than beautiful cars andtop-notchchampagne. Bring the two together and you’ve got the epitome of luxury, something that Rolls-Royce - a brand synonymous with trueluxury- has achieved with the latest addition to its accessories portfolio - a most lavish champagne chest thatembodiesthe meticulous attention to detail and commitment to craftsmanship so famouslyappliedby the marque to each of its vehicles.

The extravagant accoutrement has been designed to exist as the centrepiece of the mostwonderfully decadentof social occasions, acting as a truly impressive piece of artistry - a sculpture in its own right that will no doubt inspire awe in those privy to itsgrandeur. “The Champagne Chest is crafted for those that seek a heightened sense of occasion in an elegant, entertaining manner and offers the irresistible allure of gadgetry,”says Gavin Hartley, Head of Bespoke Design at Rolls-Royce. Whether brought upon one’s superyacht or featured at a sophisticated garden party, it will transform any affair into a cause for celebration.

The design of the chest is unmistakably reminiscent of the brand’s sleek and timelessly elegant cars. “The approach is that of designing a Rolls-Royce motor car,” explains Hartley. “The finest materials are married with pinnacle engineering to provide an experience like no other.” Crafted from materials found in the marque’s vehicles - machined aluminium, carbon fibre and Tudor oak wood - and swathed in natural grain black leather, it arrives as a discreet black box that opens with the push of a button to reveal an elaborate champagne set for four. There’s an undeniable sense of theatricality to the whole experience: cue a resounding “Ooh!” as the exterior lid transforms into a beautiful serving tray. It contains four hand-blown crystal champagne flutes, the designs of which were inspired by a V12 engine, as well as four cotton napkins with finely embroidered ‘RR’ monograms. As if that isn’t enough, the sides of the chest automatically deploy to reveal two hammocks adorned in ‘Hotspur Red’ Rolls-Royce leather, crafted to cradle the champagne. Concerned about your bubbles warming in the hot sun? You needn’t be: thermal champagne coolers ensure the champagne is maintained at an optimum temperature. What about somewhere to store accompanying nibbles? They’ve thought of that too:the chest comes with two thermal Caviar containers and two blini compartments, as well as mother-of-pearl serving spoons and three porcelain bowls.

Certainly, this chest represents the pinnacle of opulence, and sampling its delights will no doubt generate a taste for the high life. Itis available to acquire through Rolls-Royce dealerships, with prices starting from... well, if you need to know the price, you probably can't afford it.

(Spoiler alert! It's a cool £37,000.00 excluding local taxes.)


    Aobh O'Brien-Moody


    May 2019

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