Sanders: A Lasting Footwear Legacy

Established in 1873, Sanders have been producing handmade shoes in the same town since it started. Still family-owned, their designs imbue a touch of conventional restraint, which are perfect for this global decline in pace.

It is often in the most unassuming surroundings that important and dazzling craftsmanship is at its most resplendent. There’s Luigi Bevilacqua, the last velvet merchant in Venice dedicated to producing fine art fabrics, which are embellished in the rooms of the White House in Washington. Operating from an equally discreet premises in an old London alley is royal silversmith Grant Macdonald – whose commissions include a large gold-plated silver Falcon on Jasper for the Bahrain royal family. Clustered tightly around Northampton, the “shoemaking capital of the world”, are a long-list of famous names such as Edward Green and John Lobb. However, a little further from town but still within the famous shoemaking county is Rushden-based Sanders, one of the lesser-known family-owned companies going about their business with real distinction.


    Freddie Anderson


    January 2021


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