Sartorial Secrets to Looking Taller

How to use clever tailoring to elevate your standing.
Joe Pesci in My Cousin Vinny. (Photo Courtesy of Collection Christophel/Alamy).

Sorry to say, research shows that tall men are paid better, considered more masculine, confident and capable. They enjoy greater success romantically, even marrying better educated women than the height-challenged chap. Seriously, it’s a tough break being born short. And there’s not much you can do about it — working out and eating well might improve your fitness and physique, surgery can fix your face, but absolutely nothing adds stature, dammit.

Fortunately, there are several tailoring tricks the Lilliputian gentleman can employ to help even up the odds, creating a sense of lankiness in even the most diminutive of dudes.

Firstly, try to stick to one or two colours throughout your outfit — a suit in a single tone, matched with a low-contrast shirt, polo or tee, will create a long up-and-down line. Solid, dark colours are good, but if you’re considering a pattern such as a check, the finer the better.


    September 2021


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