The Valet

The Valet brings together all aspects of fine garment care under one roof, offering services to press, clean, repair and alter your whole wardrobe from shirts and suits to shoes and accessories.

There’s little point in investing your hard-earned money in a beautiful item of clothing, or a fine leather accessory or shoe, if you don’t look after it. And by that we mean more than just ensuring it’s placed in your wardrobe out of harm’s way. The beauty of a well-made garment is in its longevity: the quality of construction and robustness of cloth are vital, but this can only stretch so far. If you find yourself wearing these investments quite frequently (as one should), natural wear and tear will inevitably occur quite a lot earlier in its life. It’s worth ensuring you know how to look after your investment, but importantly, where to do it.


    July 2021

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