Scarosso: New-school Shoemaking

Meeting at university, this accessible luxury brand’s founders were driven by similar motivations to those that inspired The Rake Values.

Among the reasons that The Rake Values was established was a desire to offer high-quality, well-made men’s garments at accessible prices. Our goal was to grow the appreciation for top-tier menswear among a broader audience, to “reduce the price of beautifully crafted and perennially stylish clothing, bringing timeless style within the grasp of a new generation of customers,” as founder Wei Koh expressed it in his mission statement. WhenScarosso launches nearly a decade ago, it’s intentions were much the same.The idea was for a company creating classically styled, quality Italian-made footwear — but that thanks to the elimination of various unnecessary overheads and intermediaries, would retail its product at a price-point roughly half that of competitors’.


October 2019


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