Scarosso: Out of the Italian school of footwear

Scarosso are a one-off in the luxury men’s footwear market. They produce modern takes on classic styles, that are crafted by skilled custodians using generations worth of cordwaining experience, yet their attainable price point defies logic.

We’re used to hearing about the biggest tech firms in the global arena being founded by university friends, but there’s something more authentic and endearing when you come across a brand that was established on the precept of a shared love of artisanal craft in university digs. Suave dressers themselves, Marco Reiter and Moritz Offeney founded Scarosso, whilst studying at the prestigious Bocconi University in Milan in 2010.

The rise of Scarosso is not unlike some of the well-known tech firms in terms of speed. Shrewd economical modelling from the founders has accelerated their success, but it is their timeless products made by skilled custodians in cordwaining mecca, Marche that has been the root of their achievements. The same shoemakers are the manufacturers of choice for the largest fashion houses, yet Scarosso designs, which are of excellent quality, are positioned at a significantly lower price point. The reason for the attainability is that they cut out the middle men such as license partners and agencies – and pass the margin onto the customers.

Using the expertise of the top family-owned factories in the town of Montegranaro you are promised to wear time-honoured shoes, with enduring quality. It is also nice to come across a brand that doesn’t stick to a few core styles of shoe, but rather expand their repertoire to feature a wide selection of footwear choices. Their latest summer assortment is a fine example, tapping into the wondrous spirit of high summer exploration.


    Freddie Anderson


    August 2021


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