SERAC: Outerwear with Ethics

Norwegian label SERAC is revolting against a culture of fast fashion with sustainable outerwear designed to last.

We are living in an age of mass consumption, with everything we could possibly want available at the simple click of a button, easy to acquire and just as easy to discard. Clothing has never been quite so cheap or accessible, and - understandably - we can't get enough. But, as we've come to be made well aware of in recent times, there's a flipside to this level of convenience. The degrading effects of fast fashion on the environment and individuals are becoming all too real, and it simply won't suffice to feign ignorance anymore. We should be paying real attention to the purchases we're making: buying less, but better and choosing brands that reflect our personal values.

Enter SERAC: a Norwegian label that is railing against a culture of over consumption by producing high-end technical outerwear designed to last – really last.

The label was founded in 2016 by Tore Morvedt, a former industrial designer from Bergen, Norway. As an avid skier and outdoor enthusiast, he is naturally drawn to outerwear and seeks to create trend-transcending pieces that fuse function, comfort and style in a sustainable way. His belief is simple: that conscious decision making around design and material use can result in garments that last a lifetime. As such, each piece is carefully crafted to be able to endure in all weather conditions, with ultimate comfort in mind. No details have been ignored: this is technical wear at its most technical.

Taking inspiration from anatomy and the natural movements of the body, the brand’s own DEM (Designed for Enhanced Mobility) construction allows for full freedom of movement, while British Millerain 3L waterproof and machine washable waxed cotton ensures durability and breathability and Primaloft Gold insulation down blend provides warmth without bulk. Silhouettes are kept simple and colourways subdued, in order to achieve timeless appeal and true versatility. Over time, the fabric is designed to create a distinct patina, moulding to the wearer and feeling like a natural extension of the body.

Whether you’re seeking high tech outerwear for adventurous pursuits like skiing or hiking, or simply an all-purpose winter jacket for everyday urban wear, SERAC has you sorted. You can thank us later.


    Aobh O'Brien-Moody


    October 2019


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