Serica watches - the time has come

The inaugural W.W.W watch by Serica in collaboration with WM Brown’s intrepid interlocutor Matt Hranek deserves every bit of your attention.

In what seems to be hegemonic watch industry long dominated by the few, there is a quiet rebellion stirring. While the big Swiss heritage brands continue to wield great influence over the high-end and collectible market, as evidenced by the huge auction values seen this year, there is change afoot as an uprising of newer, smaller brands break through the ranks, offering watches of great build quality, irrefutable style, and... the real kicker... incredible value. If you've been a reader of The Rake for some time, you'll be no stranger to the name of Matt Hranek. Long-time contributor to The Rake and now the progenitor of his own lifestyle publication WM Brown, Matt is a well-heeled, silver-tongued, fun-loving gent with a keen eye for classic style. So when he first told us about a watch that he wanted to produce some time ago, our ears pricked up because Matt's involvement in matters of style and taste is a surefire indicator of classical elegance. Teaming up with Jérôme Burgert, co-founder of Serica, has in turn realised the birth of a new watch that simply goes by an acronym used by the British Army in 1945: W.W.W - Wrist. Watch. Waterproof.


    Ryan Thompson


    December 2019


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