In the Bag: Shirting Essentials by Bagutta

At the current rate, we’ll soon have unearthed a great Italian shirtmaker for everyday of the month. New on The Rake, Bagutta belongs to the group…

There are a lot of good shirtmakers out there. But just when we think we’ve seen it all, another exemplary artisan appears out of Italy, with a long history and an impressive variety of shirting staples. As with shoes, having another shirt never hurt anyone (the first step is admitting we have a problem), and Bagutta is creating examples we not only like, but are really impressing us here at The Rake.

It’s no wonder then, that we’ve decided to share the Lombardy-based brand on the site. With Bagutta’s launch, we’re looking at three shirting essentials that the brand is doing as well as anyone… but first, a little history. Headed by Antonio Gavazzeni, and his cousin Andrea, the family have been operating since 1945, following Italy’s post-war industrial boom. Their success is in how they marry Made in Italy quality with elegance, simplicity, and an artful touch – one that has been behind the lens of photographers’ David Bailey, Peter Lindbergh, and Aldo Fallai. What makes Bagutta particularly interesting, though, is their versatility. The shirting is unstuck in the past; you might even want to untuck these from time to time, or pair them with your favourite bomber jacket once the suit is put away. So, without further ado, here are the shirting essentials from Bagutta.


November 2019


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