Sinn x The Rake & Revolution 155 Bundeswehr "Dark Star"

The Rake & Revolution are proud to announce our first collaboration with German watchmaker, Sinn. Introducing the Sinn x The Rake & Revolution 155 Bundeswehr “Dark Star”, a re-edition of the legendary Bundeswehr 1550 SG, issued in a limited run of 150 pieces.

It’s been six months since the release of our last limited-edition, the 36mm bronze tribute to the Mark 11 that we created in collaboration with IWC. The watch came fitted on a 200-year old Russian reindeer hide NATO strap, made by British bespoke shoemaker George Cleverley… and yes, we’ve also noticed that this leather starts to take on the olfactory qualities of Chinese barbecued pork with time. And we’re incredibly grateful to everyone in the Revolution fam that helped us to have all 150 examples of this watch sold out in 18 minutes.

Moving into fall and into the next year, which marks Revolution’s XV anniversary, I’m proud to unveil our vision for reviving past icons: vintage watches that I always dreamed of owning but due to rarity or cost, found prohibitive. And of course, each revival will be accompanied by a subtle Revolution twist. First up, in this series is, not only one of our best-looking collaborations to date, but at US$2,500, also one of our most affordable.

It’s important to note that with this and all our future collaborations, Revolution and our brand partners are dedicated to factoring in as much value, and pricing our watches accessibly, so as to pass on the savings to our loyal readers. This is our way of saying a big thank you for the 15 years of readership you’ve given us. I couldn’t be prouder to announce our new limited edition watch, the Sinn x The Rake & Revolution 155 Bundeswehr “Dark Star”. Since I can remember, Sinn has been one of my favourite watch brands. It has always epitomised iconic tool watch styling, with incredible robustness and unbeatable value. Its innovations include TEGIMENT, a way of massively increasing the surface hardness of steel; Argon gas capsules that act as humidity indicators inside their cases, and even DIAPAL lubricant free escapements, featuring synthetic diamond pallets. What I didn’t realise when commissioning this watch in Baselworld 2018 from Sinn’s incredible Volker Wiegmann, was that it would be launched during a period where prices for the brand’s two previous Sinn 155 Bunderswehr re-editions would be reaching impressive secondary values.



August 2019

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