Smoke Screen: Tom Chamberlin Talks Cigars

The Rake’s Editor Tom Chamberlin provides proper cigar cutting and lighting etiquette for your viewing (and smoking) pleasure.
Photo by Kim Lang

An enthusiastic cigar smoker, Tom Chamberlin’s cigar possessions are a sacramental presence in his home. Cigar cutting apparatus make up a large part of his smoking goody bag, and with Tom’s eloquent delivery of guidance on the subject – he demonstrates how to execute a proper cut, using a punch, straight cut and v-cut effectively. And Tom doesn’t use any old cigar whilst in full cigar cutting motion; his consummate selection includes the newly available Upmann Regalías and the limited edition Davidoff year of the Ox cigar in celebration of Chinese New Year. He wraps up with the benefits of different types of lighter – and reveals that even the great Edward Sahakian of Davidoff carries a utility Bic lighter in his pocket.

    Video by Marcus Ebanks


      February 2021


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