The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride: An Interview with Mark Hawwa

Just how has the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride become such a global phenomenon? The Rake’s Founder & Editorial Director, Wei Koh, spent some time with the founder of the ride, Mr Mark…
With The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride kicking off this Sunday, The Rake saw fit to chat with its founder, Mr Mark Hawwa. Wei Koh sits down with Mark to discuss his inspirations behind the ride, and how incredibly far it’s come in such a short space of time. We also get an insight into what to expect for this year’s ride(s), which take place in 90 countries worldwide as well as our exclusive collaborative auction taking place the day following the ride.
Whilst stylishly riding through your respective city astride your immaculate classic motorcycle is all well and good, the DGR is in aid of something we should all pay more attention to and this is where the importance lies, as Mark states in the video. The whole point of the entire affair is to raise money for Prostate Cancer UK. This year however, extra cash has been raised in aid of suicide prevention after a close friend of the DGR sadly took his life last year. Whilst Mark places great emphasis on the money raised, he believes that what’s even more important is the awareness that is created through the global event, which acts as a great collective voice for masculinity. The Rake is fully behind Mark and his vision for the DGR, and we want to help ensure he reaches the global fundraising goal of $5,000,000. If you ride a motorcycle and fancy taking part in a ride need you, visit and register quickly and easily.


September 2016


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