Taking Out The Jaguars With The Mechanists

The Rake’s friend and contributor Hedi Sersoub of The Mechanists takes two very special Jaguars for a spin with garments to match their respective periods…

Hedi Sersoub, founder of the men's jewellery label The Mechanists, is a man who knows his four wheels like the back of his hand. As such, it's the inspiration behind his label, which in sterling silver and gold serves to celebrate everything that'sautomotive. We’ve worked with Hedi before as not only is he a model himself, he has access to a wide-range of cars that some men can only dream about. Which, brings us to this project with two special Jaguars.

Sporting total looks from TheRake.com, the ensembles worn are reflective of both car’s heritage and modernity. For instance, the E-Type is a classic, conjuring up visual memories of the halcyon days of gentlemanly living. As such, Hedi sports separates (for a guide on how to wear them, see here) courtesy of the likes of Kit Blake and Chester Barrie with trusted Drake’sbutton-down shirts and grenadine ties, finished off with a pair of Sanders chukka boots which have cult-like status thanks to a certain Steve McQueen who was rarely seen without them.

On the other, more modern hand, the F-Type which marks a new age of Jaguar marques deserves a modern, yet classic interpretation when it comes to styling. Think supple suede bomber jackets from the Hong Kong based outfitter Craftsman Clothing (the tobacco iteration is an exclusive modelmade expressively for The Rake), paired with pique cotton polo shirts, raw denim jeans and sleek sneakers — a look that’s utterly relevant to the modern man. Simple but effective.

We asked Hedi to explain his love affair with both models and draw comparisons and differences between the two.

"You wait 44 years for an E-Type successor and then suddenly two come along at the same time! We live in nostalgic times and this is made no more apparent than the recent revival of legacy model designations, exquisite restomods and EV conversions (Lunaz Design). But what lovers of classic Jaguars have been anticipating is the E-Type of our generation - the litmus test of the return to form for Jaguar. And what better way to test that than to pitch the Jaguar F-Type and the Eagle E-Type against each other.

What makes the E-Type special?

Before we look at what makes a suitable successor, we must look at what made the E-Type special in the first place: its racing heritage. The C-Type and D-Type before it introduced cutting edge technologies such as rotary disk brakes and bodies developed using aerospace technology. Jaguar made full use of these technological advantages to bring home four 24 Hour Le Mans race wins. After pulling out of the competitive racing scene in 1956, Jaguar’s race engineers turned their attention to a road-going version of the D-Type. It would incorporate all the aforementioned tech plus the in-line 6-cylinder engine from the proven XK150 packaged in a shell that mesmerised anyone who laid eyes on it. The E-Type was born.

In its initial iteration, the E-Type was quicker than much of its competition at a fraction of the cost. All the performance, racing credentials and show-stopping good looks at such a low price made the E-type a runaway success. It was no wonder a whole list of celebrities owned one. So, it goes without saying that F-Type has some pretty big paw prints to fill.


May 2019


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