Spring Tailoring: A Breath of Fresh air

After a lengthy absence for some – the door is opening to don tailored dress again. If your wardrobe is a little threadbare in this department, don’t fret. The Rake’s spring tailoring arrivals are brimming with high-quality options to see you through the new season and into summer.

At last, we’re on the precipice of freedom. And considering the sight of flourishing yellow daffodils and clear blue skies, now is the time to permit yourself into exploring spring tailoring combinations. Covid-19 kiboshed the transition formula last year, so why not take some calculated risks, and be bold with your fusion of colour, pattern and texture? Now we’re not saying go gung-ho with cream linen jackets, Solaro suits and Hawaiian shirts just yet because spring can throw up some barmy weather scenarios. Instead, opt for unlined wool jackets, light cotton designs and even chance your arm with wool and linen blends in more resplendent tones. Here on TheRake.com, we certainly have you covered when it comes to spring tailoring options, and are pleased to offer some light guidance on cool outfit combinations.


    Freddie Anderson


    March 2021


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