Stenströms: Supreme Linen Shirts

Swedish shirtmaker Stenströms was established in 1899 and strike the ultimate balance between elegance and understatement, especially their linen shirts which have been made using high-quality fabrics.

There’s this concurrent theme that towns or cities situated within the suitable coordinates of coastal geography are profusions of creative expression. Many of them have had to endure prolonged occupations from different countries. Tangier and Naples, both port cities stewing with trade only came to be under the rule of their own country, very late in their existence, with the latter arguably the most famous tailoring hub in Europe. There’s great similarities to the history of Helsingborg, Sweden where its strategic position on the Öresund, a mere 4km from Denmark, saw Helsingborg battled over with ferocious regularity during the many Swedish–Danish wars, until in 1710 when Danish invaders were finally defeated just outside the city. A range of cultural influences being brought to the shores of Helsingborg has helped form and shape Stenströms which is one of the oldest family-owned fashion businesses in Scandinavia.

The brand’s story began in 1899 when Swedish tailor August Stenström built up a reputation for producing the highest-quality shirts in the land. All the elegantly dressed men in Helsingborg wanted one of his masterpieces, and Stenström found it hard to keep up. To meet the needs of his sophisticated clients, he decided to build a shirt factory. Under Stenströms’ strict supervision, a larger number of quality shirts could now be produced.


    Hugo Curran


    April 2020


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