Stenströms: Underlining business casual

Purveyors of exceptional shirting for over 120 years, Stenströms have been quietly extending their repertoire to feature stylish and inventive casual pieces, that have never been more appropriate.

Two years ago, Swedish firm Stenströms celebrated their 120th anniversary. With a lineage that can be traced back to one man, they are one of the oldest family-owned fashion businesses in Scandinavia. It is thought August Stenström opened up a shop in Helsingborg in the 1880s in the south of Sweden. He quickly built up a reputation for producing the highest quality shirts in the land, officially founding Stenströms as a professional shirtmaker in 1899.

With time, his business flourished and word spread far and wide. Well-travelled and demanding sea captains that sailed through the harbour of Helsingborg became valuable clientele. They would return to their home countries dressed in Stenströms’ elegant outfits, catching the attention of stylish folk seeking beautifully crafted shirts, made from the finest fabrics. These sea captains at the time, unknowingly bolstered Stenströms’ reach from being a small local vendor to a global exporter of premium shirts.


    Freddie Anderson


    September 2021


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