Step on it in Suede

Suede can reign supreme whatever the season, especially when it comes to shoes — it just requires a little care and attention. With information on how one should properly maintain the versatile leather, we also present to you an array of highly recommended footwear to add to your collection.
Steve McQueen in Bullitt, 1968 (Photo via Collection Christophe/Alamy)

In the midst of a crisis (the current one being a deadly global pandemic) suede comes out of the woodwork. Complicated in itself it seems to thrive in periods of grave uncertainty. In and out of favour – the last time the vulnerable fabric made a prolonged stand was in the 1970s. It suited the rehabilitation of a softer more casual aesthetic, inspired by people wanting to reclaim their uniqueness. A decade full of disruption and change, it was the era of the women’s rights movement and the Watergate scandal mixed in with the emergence of glam-rock. Fast-forward 50 years in tandem with a clothing shift towards informality, the deeper texture of suede shoes are better equipped than its high-shine counterpart to unlock self-expression. And contrary to common belief, suede shoes can be worn all-year-round, albeit with a little more care and attention, which we’ll touch on later. Here on we’re lucky enough to offer an abundance of suede shoes which can be the perfect accompaniments to your expanding casual wardrobe.

Chelsea Boots

If the elastic-sided suede shoe was an instrument it would be a well-maintained accordion. Looked-after, the accordion can produce a dynamic range of sound, which bears similar hallmarks to well-kept suede Chelsea boots. As long as you apply the required ointments, with the correct apparatus the Chelsea boot beetles out an almost unheralded range of dynamism. In its namesake Royal Borough, you can spot a Rolling Stone or a baronet sporting a pair in a matter of seconds. From rock gods in their slim-tailored, high-hemmed trousers to country squires in their loose-fitting corduroy trousers and tweed overcoat, the suede Chelsea boot boasts unparalleled versatility. Unless you’ve got the added panache of a Cuban-heel it is best to stick to brown suede. Edward Green, Ludwig Reiter and John Lobb are well-renowned for their meticulous craft processes when it comes to the Chelsea boot. Wear with jeans from Barbanera for a very casual appearance, or with a pair of VBC flannels from Kit Blake for a slightly sharper look. With a full rubber sole, Scarosso’s Giacomo Chelsea boots are also a fine choice and are at a very accessible price point.


    Freddie Anderson


    January 2021


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