Stile Latino: Full-Bodied Tailoring

Owned by the charismatic Vincenzo Attolini, Stile Latino continue their refreshing crusade to accommodate the needs of the modern gentleman, with a collection brimming with colour, pattern and texture.

Vincenzo Attolini has been active and transfixed in the vernacular of artisanal menswear for 45 years. A third-generation member of the inimitable Attolini tailoring dynasty, it would be easy for him to ripen the family empire, whilst working within it. But Vincenzo has a curious, youthful and artistic spirit – and with an urge to be sole captain of the vessel, Stile Latino was born in 2005.

The antithesis of a bank CEO taking retirement at 50, the more time that passes, the more Vincenzo wants to enrich himself with new knowledge and emotions. It is why at the brand’s site in Casalnuovo, he and his team are constantly studying new proportions, models, materials and tailoring solutions in response to societal, taste and habitual changes.


    Freddie Anderson


    November 2021


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