This collaboration between slipper stalwart Stubbs & Wootton and bona fide man-about-town Zachary Weiss gives us a foot in the door for when the fun starts again.

Transatlantic propensities towards the high strata of British society go back at least two centuries. American socialite Jennie Jerome (Winston Churchill’s mother) married Lord Randolph Churchill; Consuelo Vanderbilt became the Duchess of Marlborough, whilst fellow heiresses Mary Curzon (née Leiter) and Nancy Astor (née Witcher Langhorne) both ended up as chatelaines of Kedleston Hall and Cliveden House respectively.

On the reversal it would be another American lady whose aunt happened to be Nancy Astor who helped instigate the American craze for the English home traditions of sophisticated elegance and low-key luxury: Nancy Lancaster – a well-renowned tastemaker of decorating was responsible for codifying the English country house look, which saw America and particularly New York State flooded with the very best British works of art and antiques.

Now, what has any of this got to do with Stubbs & Wootton? The name is in fact an amalgam of two of the greatest 18th century British sporting artists, George Stubbs and John Wootton – and an example of the continuum of transatlantic enrichment of British and American culture. It is in tribute to their own artistic visions alongside his own design orientations that former American investment banker Percy Steinhart founded Stubbs & Wootton in 1993.


    Freddie Anderson


    December 2020


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