Style 101: The Safari Jacket

From the bush to the boulevard, the safari jacket has upended its roots and become a genuine style staple, and one of the most versatile pieces of clothing you can own.

It’s a little bit disconcerting how many staple menswear garments were born from the human being’s desire to kill. It’s no secret that many of the most widely worn men’s clothes first originated in the military: the pea coat, thebomberjacket (the A-1,A-2, G-1, MA-1 and the rest), the chino trouser, the parka, the list goes on. Yet it’s not surprising this is the case when you think about it. Clothing worn in combat needs to be useful. It needs to help the wearer and support them in their quest for survival in the field. It’s a matter of life or death, which is one of the reasons why the military, particularly the US and British Armies, have developed some of the most purposeful clothing of the 20th century - in order to avoid the latter and prolong the former. It is killing of another kind though - specifically the hunting of big game throughout the early 20th century - that gave rise to one of the most adaptable pieces of clothing: the safari jacket.


August 2023


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