5 Rakish Trends from Milan Fashion Week

Although usually averse to trends, The Rake noticed a handful at Milan Fashion Week that may appeal to loyal followers of classic menswear.
Brunello Cucinelli's suede safari/field jacket worn in place of a blazer, showcasing the style's ability to work across multiple dress codes.

Fashion weeks are strange affairs. If you have so far been denied the pleasure of attending one, you’ll likely not be familiar with the hoards of journalists complaining about how tired/hungover/busy they are, the numerous bloggers loitering outside shows trying to get ‘street styled’ or the endless barrage of small talk. This is a good thing. For people interested in clothes though, fashion weeks provide insight into what brands will be selling in a year’s time, which can be both interesting and banal. Many of the garments paraded down runways look quite ridiculous, yet some interesting trends often prevail, some of which might appeal to regular people who wear regular clothes. The latest event to have taken place was Milan Fashion Week and The Rake was in attendance and on the lookout for clothes that real men might actually want to wear. Here’s what we found…


1) The New Suit & Matching Fabrics

The Rake has documented the changing nature of the suit quite extensively. Gone are the days when the suit could only be worn within a formal context. Now, many brands are producing suits that are visually recognisable as tailored garments, yet without the structure and rigidity of years gone by. More interestingly though, in Milan just now we saw a number of looks that featured traditional suit trousers paired with casual jackets but in matching fabrics. Bomber jackets and workwear style pieces were made from the same fabric as the trousers they were paired with, creating a look reminiscent of a classic suit but with a more contemporary, casual appearance.


June 2017


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