A Gathering of Immortals, Part I: The Six Tailors

The Rake revisits Pitti Uomo, when earlier this year, six of the world’s greatest living tailors gathered together for a roundtable discussion on the transformative power of their art form.

The ancient Greek chronicler Herodotus first bestowed the name 'Immortals' upon the infamous crack troops of the Achaemenid Persian Empire; men so famed for their talent as warriors that they were thought impossible to overcome. Their legend has influenced martial culture for centuries - Herodotus's chronicle passes these men firmly into the realm of mythological notoriety - with the Sassanids, Byzantines and even the bodyguard of Napoleon Bonaparte all identifying themselves as 'Immortals', hoping to follow in the footsteps of their legendary progenitors.

If there was to a be sartorial equivalent of such a fabled band of men, it would doubtless be the six master tailors that came together at the lavish Four Seasons Hotel in Florence during Pitti Uomo earlier in the summer. The Rake, along with Permanent Style's Simon Crompton and Tomasso Melani of shoemaker Stefano Bemer led a collaborative round-table discussion with Lorenzo Cifonelli, Edward Sexton, John Hitchcock of Anderson & Sheppard, Antonio Panico, Richard Anderson and Antonio Liverano on the transformative power of the tailor's art, exploring precisely what these men capture in their work that so ennobles their clients.


October 2015


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