Bigi Cravatte: A Family Affair

Milanese tie brand Bigi Cravatte was founded upon a passion for quality handcrafted ties that has been passed down from generation to generation.
A Bigi Cravatte tie is the ultimate rakish addition to any elegant ensemble.

The Bigi Cravatte story is one that spans three generations, its original foundations and continuing endurance predicated upon a simple shared passion for quality ties. The company’s beginnings can be traced back to 1938, when Luigi Draghi opened a humble tie-manufacturing workshop in Via Corridoni, Milan. Since then, the family business has grown and changed under the helm of his son Daniele Bigi and now his grandchildren, Stefano and Paola Bigi.

“I still remember the smell of silk in my grandfather’s company when, as a child, I would go play around the worktables”, says Stefano. It was immersing himself in the world of tie making and observing the passion of his predecessors that spurred Stefano to undertake training abroad in a manufacturing company for high-quality fabrics, before joining his father’s company at the age of 23. “The experience I gained alongside my father, when I started working in the company, was very important,” he explains. “Being close to all the aspects of the production process and in close contact with the employees gave me a solid foundation. My father also imparted very important principles to me, such as fairness, morality, respect for others and for work but, above all, a love and passion for ties.”

This year may mark eight decades since Luigi’s initial conception of what was to become Bigi Cravatte, but as Stefano notes, the philosophy of the brand remains unchanged from its days of origin, with traditional ideals of craftsmanship still at the core. “Craftsmanship is hugely important to the Bigi Cravatte brand,” says Stefano. “It’s our ‘flag’, the way we decided to introduce ourselves to the world.” For Stefano, this means staying true to his grandfather’s approach. “Our specialised staff, using the same procedure that our grandfather used, produce each of our ties by hand,” he explains. “With this artisan process we can guarantee the best quality standard.”


    Aobh O'Brien-Moody


    October 2018


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