Style / March 2016


Situated at the epicentre of English handmade shoe heartland, Northamptonshire, Church’s is a paragon of traditional craftsmanship, keen attention to detail, and enduring quality. With Photography by Guy Hills

My wife recently came home with a pair of shoes from one of those footwear labels that make the women folk go weak at the knees (and not merely due to the staggeringly high heels). You know, one of those gob smackingly high-priced brands that the gals on Sex and the City are always ooh-ing and aah-ing over.

“They’re nice,” I said when she giddily showed the shiny patent stilettos to me.“But see here?” I asked, taking a closer look and spotting a slight gap a few millimetres wide and a centimetre long where the upper didn’t quite meet the sole. “They’re imperfect, and considering the amount of money you must’ve paid—no, please, don’t tell me exactly how much you paid—you should expect perfection. Exchange’em, babe.



Christian Barker

Christian Barker is The Rake's Asia editor-at-large, a frequent contributor to this site, and an enthusiastic consumer of fine whiskies, sashimi and classic disco music - ideally in unison.