Cifonelli Dreams Do Come True

Even Hollywood directors need their own superheroes. Paul Feig’s is a vision in a white double-breasted waistcoat — the French master himself…
An ad-hoc fitting with Paul Feig at the Clifford Street Cifonelli boutique during an in-store party.

I have seen and coveted Cifonelli suits for a very long time. They appear to come from another era and yet fit seamlessly into the present day for any man who has the confidence to pull them off. The exacting fit, the gorgeous sculpted flow of the double-breasted waistcoat, the regal silhouette: to me, it adds up to more than a suit. It’s as if it’s possible to wear the sartorial equivalent of a Rolls-Royce, all tailored by a fairytale king in the form of Lorenzo Cifonelli.

So, when my good friend Tom Chamberlin asked me if I would like to have a bespoke Cifonelli suit tailored for me by the master himself, I pinched myself extremely hard, said “ouch”, and then said yes at the speed of light.


August 2022


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