Clip-On: Ambrosi x Albert Thurston

Add a touch of old-school charm to your wardrobe with a pair of Albert Thurston braces, available as part of our exclusive offer in collaboration with Ambrosi.
Ambrosi's dark green single-pleated trousers with Albert Thurston's navy and cream clip-on braces.

The idea when we launched The Rake Atelier, now almost two years ago, was to progress and evolve the idea of e-commerce. We wanted to unite the type of passionate, informed, literate and evocative storytelling that our magazine has earned a reputation for over the better part of the last decade, with the possibility to acquire our selection of the world’s most unique, authentic and artisanal garments and accessories.

But more than that we wanted to suggest specific styles that we felt captured the zeitgeist of the sartorial universe and offer you the possibility to wear garments in combinations that we would wear them in. The first of these assemblages, mash-ups or collaborations – call them what you will – unites two iconic brands.

The first is Ambrosi, a family-run company that has become the pre-eminent creator of the fully handmade Neapolitan-style trouser. Antonio and son Salvatore are the most skilled craftsmen of these types of trousers, which are a touch higher in the waist with deep forward pleats for unhindered mobility, while retaining a slim sculptural shape. But you can argue that they have fixed Neapolitan trousers firmly in the spotlight of the sartorial stage as well as on the forefront of the collective consciousness. The trousers designed and made by Salvatore are available in two materials – a medium grey and a dark green worsted. He explains, “You have the same level of craftsmanship in The Rake’s trousers as you'd find in a fully bespoke pair.” Indeed the ritual of buttoning the multiple closures that comprise the fly of the Ambrosi trouser must be experienced to fully understand its joyous complexity.


August 2017

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