Creative Urgency: James Allen & Elliot Hammer

As you may be able to tell, James Allen and Elliot Hammer, owners of Birch creative agency, do not dress like your stereotypical creative types. The Rake discovers why.

Messrs. James Allen and Elliot Hammer do not dress like your archetypal creative types. Though they run a London-based creative agency called Birch, there’s seldom a flowery shirt, wooly hat or nose stud in sight. Retaining a well-tailored appearance has always been “an important point of difference” for them, and it moreover gives them the opportunity to step out the door in the mornings faithfully clad from head to toe in the creations of their clients. How’s that for brand loyalty?

Birch specialises, amongst other things, in catering to the creative and design needs of traditionally rakish brands; including The Armoury, Emmett and Liverano & Liverano to name but a few, so its safe to say that James and Elliot have an impeccable taste in both clothes and clients. The Rake caught up with the pair last week at Mayfair’s most fashionable spot for a morning coffee, George on Mount St, to learn a little bit about their style and their passion for championing traditional menswear brands.


July 2016


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