Eric Rohmer's Guide To Summer

Even without having actually seen an Eric Rohmer film, you might have inadvertently seen an Eric Rohmer film.
The Rake’s guide to summer inspired by Erik Rohmer’s ‘A Tale of Summer’.

Luca Guadagnino’s Call Me By Your Name and Juliette Binoche in Summer Hours are a clear homage to Rohmer’s European summer flings that bleed with bright colours and bourgeois esprit, and are full of stylish men who dress as though they were allergic to monotones and dull fads. Indeed, the Eric Rohmer man, as a source of inspiration, has a luxurious aesthetic that is composed of very simple pieces that boldly stand out. Because his films depict the intellectual middle-class, speaking around pianos, seafronts, and having existential crises in Paris cafes, trends are side-stepped for essentials, and it’s perfect for this summer: cashmere cardigans in La Collectionneuse, Henri’s loose-fitting shirts in Pauline at the Beach, and Jerome’s fisherman sweater from Claire’s Knee.


August 2022


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