Wandering Hands: Five Truly Rakish Erotic Watches

Taking one’s time has never been so apt with the world’s most tantalising timepieces…

Erotic watches are nothing new. The earliest can be traced back to the late 17th century, when the wealthy would commission painted or engraved scenes of a saucy nature, unknowingly providing a different meaning to #watchporn, the popular horological Instagram hashtag of a few hundred years later. Whilst early erotic watches would feature simple yet colourful painted scenes of a mythological nature, the decades that followed saw said scenes take on a more explicit tone. This was only amplified when those clever Swiss watchmakers realised they could bring their filthy scenes to life with complex mechanical movements. Repeating mechanisms within the watches powered an almost always muscular male figure who boasted the phallus of a stallion as he joyously thrusted along to the sweet chiming of the movement. Seeing one of these curious scenes in the flesh is really quite something. Watch brands have never stopped producing kinky watches, and today there are a select few on offer for the discerning client. Here are five of The Rake’s favourites, both old and new...


July 2016


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