High Society

The Rake uncovers the trove of self-expressive gems found in the pockets of the world’s most stylish man. Photographed at the Mount Street shop of his friend Mariano Rubinacci, we caught…

Inspired and inspiring barometer of all things elegant, the Oxford- educated author and celebrity journalist Nick Foulkes is to the world of artisan hand tailoring and haut de gamme horology what Dominick Dunne is to high-society crime — that is to say, he is the authority. A contributing editor to Vanity Fair and a perennial voice in the Financial Times, GQ and Newsweek, Foulkes is also the author of numerous tomes such as Dunhill by Design, High Society and Dancing into Battle: A Social History of the Battle of Waterloo.

While Foulkes may have lent his biographical skill to Count d’Orsay in The Last of the Dandies, he is — resplendent in his Terry Haste suit and Charvet shirt — a living testament to the culture of dandyism being far from vanquished. His writing shimmers with perspective and resonates with wit belied by knowledge of craftsmanship so profound he could teach a class on the subject.


May 2016


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