Ask The Rake: How to Wear Cropped Trousers

Cropped trousers, whether rolled up, turned up, or simply finished shorter, have moved beyond a runway trend to become a permanent fixture in discerning wardrobes. Here’s how to nail the look,…

I 've seen lots of people wearing cropped trousers in either suits or separates. I think they look great with loafers - can I get my tailor to alter my trousers or do I need to be specifically buying cropped trousers?


I would approach cropped trousers with caution. When you see how well the persistently elegant Shuhei Nishiguchi (@shuhei_nishiguchi) carries this look off so effortlessly, it can be tempting to try to emulate his style but be warned: you may think you are channelling your inner Dickie Greenleaf, strutting the streets of Mongibello,but one false move and you are Pee Wee Herman about to embark on your next big adventure. So before you start eyeing up the trousers of your favourite suits, lend us an ear and heed these nine lessons in becoming a cropper…

Turn up and win
Tapered suit trousers look their best when finished with minimal break. You can go a fraction shorter to sit off the shoe and I would recommend having a deep turn-up to improve the drape. The trousers should sit straight to the cuff with no bunching of cloth at the knee. You could have an existing suit altered to see how comfortable you are with the look. A turn-up is also useful if you decide this is not for you and you need to lengthen.

Fit is everything
The effect has to look considered and this will only be achieved if your clothing fits well. If the jacket sleeves are too short and the waist is tight, you will look like an adolescent who has gone through a growth spurt.



July 2018


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