Invest: Mark/Giusti Cosmati Document Case

Temptingly touchable calfskin leather meets 6th century ceramic mosaic prints and uncompromised functionality in Mark/Giusti’s desirable document case.

Mark/Giusti is a brand that we at The Rake have only recently discovered. Young, dynamic and obsessive about quality, the second it came on the radar, we knew that we were on to something good. A purveyor of refreshingly contemporary fine leather goods, with a unique sensibility and infectious enthusiasm behind it, permit us to introduce to you this thoroughly indulgent ‘Cosmati’ fine-grained calf’s leather laptop and document portfolio.

The company was founded in 2010 by Mark Farhat and Diletta Giusti, hence the name. Together, they set out to produce a thoughtfully designed range of leather bags, cases and accessories which are not only eminently practical, but which represent all that is compelling about luxury leather goods design and construction. Mark’s long-held passion for classical Byzantine art gives Mark/Giusti’s products a very strong and intellectually curious aesthetic signature; the graphic prints that line each bag are contemporised copies of original 6th century Byzantine ceramic mosaics – re-purposed and given new life in the form of unique sateen linings. Moreover, all the company’s products are handmade in carefully chosen Italian leather-working ateliers, in a deliberate attempt to militate against the mechanisation and mass production that is continuing to encroach upon and cheapen the leather goods industry.

The case itself is cut from the finest Italian full-grained calfskin. All of Giusti’s skins are handpicked, hand cut and meticulously vegetable dyed - a process that is not only kinder to the leather, but which allows it to age beautifully and take on an exceptionally rich patina over time. Open it up and one discovers not only a glorious printed sateen mosaic lining and room for a 13-inch laptop, but an exceptionally well thought through interior; complete with pen, wallet, passport, business card and change pockets with various fixtures. What’s more, a discreet matching leather strap running horizontally across the case’s back allows for it to slip over the handles of a travel case or trolley for easy transportation when you’re charging through an airport or down the station platform.

It is then, just what one wants from a modern laptop case; its beautifully made, practical, eminently well thought through and displays its own set of unique style quirks and signatures. Moreover, its a case that reflects a very personal set of influences, thought processes and Mark’s own meticulous design standards – it’s the case of a connoisseur’s brand – one that is set to be big news before too long.



June 2016


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