From A Little Comes ALODD: Exclusive Italian Footwear for The Rake

Having already worked as an elite Italian naval commando and as a CEO at Bally, Aldo Lipari decided it was time to move onto bigger and better things: an exclusive collaboration between his brand ALODD and The Rake.

It almost feels unjust to describe the origins of Aldo Lipari – the founder of Italian footwear brand, Alodd – as humble. This is, after all, the man who spent the first thirteen years of his career working his way towards being a commando in the Arditi Incursori Marina, the Italian navy’s answer to the British Royal Marines or the US Navy SEALS, a rank he held for five years. But this is also the man who spent thirty years working his way up in the fashion industry, having started out on the very bottom rung of the ladder working at warehouse floor level in Benetton’s in the UK, after his military career concluded. Considering he began work at the warehouse with no fashion qualifications whatsoever, ‘humble’ is putting it mildly.

Those thirty years saw Aldo working at every level of the fashion industry. He soon grafted his way up to manager at Benetton’s before moving to Armani, where he spent 6 years fine-tuning his command over luxury apparel. Next up was Tom Ford’s Gucci, then following that Bally had the good fortune of hiring Aldo as its Southeast Asia and Oceania CEO – a role in which Aldo oversaw a major rise in profits. Aldo has worked in branding, design, manufacturing, retailing, distribution, and marketing – and across multiple categories, including accessories, footwear, read-to-wear and made-to-measure. Modest and approachable in person, it’s fair to assume that Aldo has never forgotten where his long and colourful story began.

    Yet throughout all that time – and despite his astronomic success – there is a sense in which Aldo has always been in training, always pushing his skills further and further without ever arriving at a final destination. This Trojan work ethic no doubt has something to do with his commando training; a formative experience which taught him the importance of laser-like concentration as well as taking responsibility for those in his team. Even after graduating, he never stopped learning and moving forward – his duties regularly involved mastering new skills, such as parachuting into combat zones or diving into freezing seas in the pitch dark. Aldo carried this forward momentum through into his fashion career. “I’m not afraid of risk and facing challenges or obstacles, and I think that really ties in with the entrepreneurial spirit.”


    October 2018


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