Man of the Moment: Thomas Mastronardi

Thomas Mastronardi, the marketing chief of U.S. haberdashery Paul Stuart, shows us how he stays ahead of the style game in New York.
Thomas Mastronardi, Marketing Chief of U.S. haberdashery Paul Stuart.

Thomas Mastronardi is an elegant, well-groomed gentleman from Chicago. He grew up in what most would regard as a nostalgic era, often framed in black and white photos or the silver screen, a time when people got dressed up to go dancing. He says he has no claim as a rugged movie star, but he has a slight cowboy spirit and he embodies the well-dressed cinematic romantic. His style hits all the right notes with one moment of colour or flair. He is not one for gilding the lily or going tieless at weekends — knit ties, he proclaims, are for the weekend! His guidelines to dressing come with experience and respect, but they don’t make him unapproachable.


October 2016


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