Man of Göt

Simon Berg was part of the team that helped save the esteemed Swedish tailor Götrich when it was in trouble. It meant that Stockholm retained a local bespoke destination to rival the traditional European powerhouses.
Simon wears a bespoke Götrich suit cut from grey wool flannel from Yorkshire Textiles.

Simon Berg evokes a natural elegance thanks in part to his easygoing manner but also his impeccable dress sense. He sits on the board of the Scandinavian College of Naprapathic Manual Medicine, and has only recently found himself with skin in the style game. It began 10 years ago, when he invested in Sweden’s oldest tailor, Götrich & Co., which would otherwise have closed down. Alongside the Savile Row tailor Cad & the Dandy he helped save the house, ensuring future generations of Stockholm’s most stylish men have a local bespoke option to rival the finest tailors in London, Naples and Milan. But while Simon hasn’t always worked in tailoring, his passion for it has existed for a long time. Of his sense of balance, proportion and elegance in his clothing, he tells The Rake: “That would come from an old friend of mine I’ve known since I was seven years old. He was always into classic menswear, even when he was a kid. It’s a weird thing to be into at that age, but he was always so well dressed. He just had a natural instinct for how to match proportions and different colours, and I was always interested in learning how that worked, because I’m not from that world.”


July 2023


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