Marketing Genius

Jeremy Hackett, the British designer and entrepreneur, on his love of spaniels, his brand’s long association with blue and white stripes, and a surprising royal find on Portobello Road …

Jeremy Hackett should be pleased with himself (though his soft-spoken nature and humility won’t allow it). He has realised the creation of a brand that seldom, if ever, hears a bad word said against it.
Hackett, established in 1979, is now a bona fide gentlemen’s outfitter that extends beyond chic, highly wearable clothing into accessories, including stationery and luggage. It is easy to assume, therefore, that Hackett himself would display the suave, sophisticated and unashamedly British style of his own brand. We were not disappointed, and were thrilled to nd he had an ace up his turnback-cuff sleeve.


May 2016


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