Miami Vice, Stepping Into The Heat In Style

The cars, the city, and the synth-score, are all a part of what makes Miami Vice one of the best snapshots of a single era on TV.
The Rake’s ‘Stepping into The Heat Guide’ inspired by Miami Vice.

Welcome to Magic City. It’s the 1980s and neon-lights wash out the sidewalks while George Michael’s crooning becomes the casual sound of the discotheques, bars, and radios. Against this backdrop, the story of two undercover-detectives might have aged a little (it’s still a great watch, though, and was recently remade into a motion picture) but Miami Vice’s world lives on; and with it, its sense of pastel-smoked style.

This is good-living-wearing for the summer: loose-fitted jackets, bright loafers, and t-shirts in lieu of a shirt—although not all the time. And although synonymous with its era, the truth is thatMiami Viceplayed its part in revolutionising the look. As Guy Trebay wrote for theNew York Times in 2006, remembering the show’s impact retrospectively, “BeforeMiami Vice, adult males were not in the habit of wearing t-shirts under sports coats or shoes minus socks… Pastel coloured trousers were reserved for caddies.”


August 2022


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