Picks of the Week: Weekend Jaunt

From winter overcoats to practical travel sets, our team at The Rake have picked their top items for a leisurely weekend jaunt.

Few things surpass a weekend getaway. A sun-drenched road trip (by convertible, no less), long, lazy mornings filled with fresh coffee, hot butter croissants and a good Sunday paper – and all enjoyed away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Yet attempting to ‘pack light’ for such an occasion can prove to be more than a challenge. Our team at The Rake suggest leaving the structured clothing at home in favour of versatile garments to save precious room en route. Swap your briefcase for a rucksack and you’re ready to go. Only remember, the weekend is no excuse to let sartorial standards slip.

Tom Chamberlin, Editor

Weekends away go too fast and regardless of where I am, when switching off, the last thing I want to do is an ‘activity’. I've always felt that honeymoons spent not on the beach or in bed are trips for lunatics and, frankly, it is the same for a 48-hour break. Don’t underestimate the power of relaxation, create a haven of excellent food and enjoy plenty of rest and escapist pleasures like cigar smoking. Anything else is an over-exertion that you don’t need. As Lady Bracknell would say, health is the primary duty in life, so bring a good wash bag packed with all manner of grooming items, and if you want to make it a rakish wash bag, the Cleverly Russian reindeer bag is about as refined as it gets.

    Charlie Thomas, Deputy Editor

    When it comes to travelling – however short or long-distance – there are far more important things to worry about than what you’re wearing. The clothes you choose should at least be useful though, and plenty of pockets are helpful. This heavyweight overshirt by Private White V.C. would make for an excellent travel companion with its large twin chest pockets – store your passport in one and a phone in the other. For a short break, a pair of jeans could serve as your only pair of trousers and a leather backpack can be used to free up your hands when out and about.

      Jessica Beresford, Managing Editor, Online

      Although it might not be as glamorous as jetting off to a far-flung location, a short weekend jaunt can be a much more relaxing experience – no airport queues, tight schedules and (hopefully) no one you'd rather not be sitting in close proximity to. Armed with a decent playlist and plenty of snacks, all you need for a smooth journey are clothes comfy enough to go the distance, yet presentable enough to stop along the way. Inis Meáin's knitted funnel neck is made from thermo-regulating Merino wool, so will last you well through the weekend, while Rubinacci's Manny trousers provide plenty of room to breathe. The glasses are for glare, whether the sun is shining or not.

        Anna Prendergast, Online Editorial Associate

        A spontaneous weekend away doesn't need to throw you into a packing panic. Whether you're piling into the Porsche for a trip to the Cotswolds or speedy-boarding a plane to Monaco, Thedi Leathers' sturdy backpack is a great place to start. Fill it with a fresh shirt, preferably a cashmere knit or jersey polo (both roll up without creasing and can multitask in various climates), and travel-sized grooming products like Thomas Clipper's miniature colognes. Most importantly, don't forget reading material for the journey – a copy of our latest issue will do.

          Megan Plenderleith, Copywriter

          When packing for a weekend getaway, one must consider all the possibilities – especially if you live in Britain, as it tends to rain regardless of the season. The Ka/Noa blue Antos raincoat is sleek in appearance and smart in design, thanks to its multi-functional collar, and would pair seamlessly with a Lock & Co. Hatters black sandwich tweed baker boy cap. A navy cashmere roll neck is a versatile piece, too, as it can be paired with jeans or a more tailored pair of trousers – ideal for a busy weekend.

            Natasha Drax, Online Editorial Assistant

            As someone who spends their working week elbowing their way onto a cattle cart some call the tube, traipsing gum-ridden pavements and breathing in volumes of car fumes, a weekend jaunt for me means fresh countryside air, rolling green hills and most importantly, silence. We all know the weather can be temperamental, and so packing this trench-come-parka coat by outerwear specialists Grenfell is essential. The gabardine cotton will combat any sudden downfall and a shearling-lined hood provides extra cosiness when the wind picks up. Be sure to take a pair of sturdy leather boots that can handle all terrains and a cashmere scarf for guaranteed warmth.











              Natasha Drax


              February 2018


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