Picks of the Week: Winter Sun

Heading somewhere hot this January? Don’t leave the country without these essentials, handpicked by our very own team.

The cold winter months can be especially disheartening, with relentless grey cloud constantly dominating the skyline. In an attempt to live vicariously through those who are lucky enough to get away and bask in some winter sun, our Rakestaffershave handpicked their top three items from The Rake Atelier that should be packed for a venture to warmer climates.

Tom Chamberlin, Editor

We can all do with some supplementary Vitamin D this time of year. Pressing reset on our skin tone is one thing but doing the same with our wardrobe can be impractical if you’re a traditional pavement pounder type. So The Rake has you covered on the sartorial front. Rubinacci is, even for an English tailoring fanboy, perfect for sunny weather. This unlined double-breasted cotton jacket is almost impossibly louche, with lapels that drape up high on the shoulder. Cotton is a polarising fabric for tailoring, but when you are in need of something cool in the evening that adds a touch of flair, there is no competition here. Marol makes excellent shirts, and part of their appeal is understanding the needs of modern men and producing shirts that are practical. The safari shirt has four pockets; one for your wallet, one for your phone, one for your selection of cigars and the other for a cutter and lighter. Lastly, I have chosen these cotton shorts by Rubinacci largely because I own a pair and can attest to their greatness on a summer's day. Gurkha straps and pleats on shorts are an unexpected delight, unrestrictive but stylistically elegant and rakish.

    Charlie Thomas, Deputy Editor

    It’s possible to still look sharp in the heat, but careful consideration of fabric is key. If you’re going to wear a shirt, ensure it’s cut from lightweight cotton, linen or a silk-blend, and ideally opt for a collar that’s designed to be worn open, since that top button won’t need fastening. This Santillo shirt is crafted from cotton chambray and features a one-piece open collar said to be inspired by Italian playboy Gigi Rizzi, giving it a laid-back, vintage look. Since you won’t need a jacket during the daytime, roll the sleeves up and tuck it in to these deep-pleated linen trousers by Huntsman, whose rich, tobacco hue adds to the ensemble's early ‘70s feel. Finish off with a pair of burgundy cordovan penny loafers from Carmina, which boast a silhouette that’s faithful to the original penny loafer that went on to become an icon of 1950s Americana and beyond.

      Jessica Beresford, Managing Editor, Online

      When the chilly weather and minimal daylight hours have depleted you of the will to live, a mid-winter excursion to a sunnier climate is essential for re-charging motivation. It also provides the perfect opportunity to channel a different, carefree version of yourself – one who wears breezy clothes and doesn’t have 237 unread emails to get back to. Marol’s navy pyjama shirt certainly goes some way to achieving that, with its short sleeves, camp collar and contrasting white piping. Team with lightweight cotton trousers, vibrant shades and a grin.

        Anna Prendergast, Online Editorial Associate

        We all have that one irritating friend who offers advice even when you haven’t asked for it (if you don’t have one, it’s probably you). When it comes to travel, I’ve had to accept that I am that person, and rely heavily on notebooks stuffed full of branded restaurant napkins, ticket stubs and incorrectly folded maps to fulfil my self-assigned role. Ettinger’s nut-brown notebook cover is sophisticated, even if your writing isn’t, and an elegant way to carry your memories with you beyond your holiday. A quality Panama hat will also outlive your holiday and your tan, which you can offset nicely with CQ.P’s cool, stone-grey sneakers.

          Benedict Browne, Online Editorial Associate

          As I write this, we’re only 12 days into 2018 and I’m already needing some R&R. Nonetheless, my ideal getaway has my feet in my favourite summer shoe, the Belgian loafer. They’re sleek and incredibly comfortable, and this milky coffee version is my pick of the bunch. To keep the ensemble light and complement the loafers, I’d sport Anderson & Sheppard’s sky blue trouser. Cut straight and to sit high above one’s waist, the cloth is a neat, subtle and lightweight herringbone in Irish linen. Finally, one isn’t prepared for a quick getaway to warmer, sunnier and infinitely happier climes if there’s not a crisp white shirt packed and ready to go. A Mandarin collar is relaxed and a gathered yoke in the back helps you keep cool.

            Megan Plenderleith, Copywriter

            Unless you’re lucky enough to be jetting off to a glorious, sun-drenched island, the January blues are inevitably (and unfortunately) close. However, if you're smart enough to escape this dreary weather for an exotic location, a pair of Oliver Goldsmith sunglasses would serve you well, especially when worn to complement Huntsman's Cream Linen Herringbone Jacket – ideal for the cooler evenings and soft breezes. Keep all of your holiday essentials stored with a dash of sartorial splendour by investing in a Rubinacci suitcase – suitable for both spontaneous winter sun getaways and important business trips.

              Natasha Drax, Online Editorial Assistant

              While I applaud anyone who can maintain the will power to take part in 'dry January', I on the other hand will be using alcohol to see me through the constant haze of grey drizzle here in London. However, for those who can escape to warmer climates, then a pair of reliable swimming trunks are essential. Take these red and white paisley shorts from necktie connoisseurs Calabrese 1924. Handcrafted by artisans in Italy, they are bright and jovial yet sartorially suitable for any beach club. Cover up with a white linen shirt and add a vintage touch with these classically-styled sunglasses by Persol, making sure to conceal your hangover after one Aperol Spritz too many the night before.


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