Rubinacci For The Rake: Autumnal Accessories Collection

The time has come to reveal the first arrivals of this season’s collaboration with Rubinacci, available exclusively through

Regular readers will know this isn’t the first time we’ve collaborated with Rubinacci, and there’s a reason (or six) we return to the drawing board with the house season after season. Indeed, our Online Editor openly admitted on this very website that the style of the house was single-handedly responsible for changing his mind on the subject of Neapolitan tailoring. Having always the preferred heroic silhouette of London’s Savile Row tailors, he was surprised when his experience with unstructured Italian style was not only thoroughly enjoyable but sartorially life changing. And this is what Rubinacci do, with a sense of effortlessness that is ingrained into the easy design and fine degree of craftsmanship that underpins every product.

Having previously brought you two signature Rubinacci blazers, we thought it high time to complement them with some unique executions of the house’s beautiful accessories. This autumn, Rubinacci’s vintage printed wool challis ties come in eight unique colourways exclusively for The Rake - from a rich shade of ochre to dusty cornflower blue, the palette is nostalgic and earthy - which brings a relaxed, contemporary quality to this most traditional of accessories. Each is a strictly limited edition, only to be found on, made in Italy with handrolled tips and a slip-stitched blade for longevity and durability as its tied and untied after each day of use. The prints are subtle, quirky and very Neapolitan; with geometric, floral and paisley patterns hand-screen printed onto each butter-soft woollen cloth. The challis has been hand-picked for our tie collection especially for its soft matte finish and understated desirability, as ties relax their grip on formalwear and extend a polite hand to a more informal, versatile aesthetic.


To complement this range of autumnal neckties, we also bring you two stalwart designs from Rubinacci’s signature collection of pocket handkerchiefs, the Victory print hanky in both navy and forest green, the Victory scarf’s refined little sister. A design that has long been considered a symbol of heroic nobility, with its depiction of Admiral Lord Nelson’s flagship moored off the exotic coast of Gibraltar, and the lavish border of cherubs, gods and goddesses that adds a touch of hedonistic charm to the whole affair. Even when tucked knowingly inside one’s breast pocket, the exquisite colours and intricate print brings an irresistible zest to even the most understated of ensembles. With the ingenuity of a house entrenched in Italian culture and heritage, Rubinacci has succeeded in seamlessly uniting Neapolitan flair with British sensibility. The undeniably flattering tones of each handkerchief (navy, as we all know, is the most versatile colour on the planet, and forest green is an immeasurably sophisticated choice) can be worn with just about any tailored ensemble you so choose, and the vivacity of each print is balanced carefully by the carefully considered tones of gold, cream, brown and Alice blue in the detailed print.

Finally, Rubinacci’s signature Belgian loafer has been injected with the raffish attitude of two of Scotland’s finest tartans, exclusively for our online atelier. The Belgian loafer, an undisputed essential for those who refuse to compromise when it comes to the easy-wearing style of their footwear, balances style and comfort with a super lightweight construction and impressively flexible sole. In ‘Black Watch’ and a rich combination of crimson and navy, they are a true autumnal staple that will take you from fireside cigar to black tie soiree and back with the ever-covetable sense of sprezzatura that Rubinacci is so known for. But we warned, there are only eight pairs of each, so interested parties had better get their foot in the door quickly, so to speak.



October 2016


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