Invest: Rubinacci Washed Stretch-Cotton Bermuda Shorts

As the season wanes into autumn, those tempted to splash out one last time on some summer staples need look no further than Rubinacci’s exceptional tailored shorts.

As I write this, London’s temperature stands at 30 degrees, a mercurial reading for England. Autumn will soon settle around our shoulders like a fine silk scarf, but the temperature is set to come in peaks and troughs for a while yet and international readers in hotter climes will probably relish the thought of the changing season. Whilst we can’t control the weather (we’re working on it), The Rake can make a few sartorial suggestions to make the blistering heat a little more bearable – nay, enjoyable.

With this in mind, Rubinacci’s Bermuda shorts are the perfect antidote to the unpredictable weather. Named, of course, after the style adopted by the British navy stationed in tropical conditions (such as Bermuda’s) during the Second World War, the shorts were traditionally worn with knee high socks, a dress shirt and blazer, and fell to precisely one inch above the knee. At the time, this was considered appropriate business attire. Fortunately for you, the rules have relaxed and these versatile shorts, whilst still providing an essential uniform of sorts, fit seamlessly into both a work wardrobe and into more informal ensembles. Whether you pair them with an open collar Cuban shirt and a pair of white sneakers, soaking up the sunshine on a sea-view terrace in Italy or with a double-breasted navy travel jacket and suede loafers aboard one’s private yacht, they add a touch of Rubinacci’s trademark sprezzatura to the simplest of compositions with all the effortless nonchalance you would expect of the Italian house. Equally, wear them with a louche linen shirt and single button blazer combination for those days when your favourite pair of fresco trousers feel a little too restrictive in the heat.

With deep forward-facing twin pleats in the front that add a comfortable element of fullness, not to mention a breezier fit, and a sleek Gurkha-top waistband with engraved brass hardware, the Rubinacci’s confident attention to detail makes a simple design all the more covetable. Quarter-top pockets at the front and two functioning flap pockets at the back allow for you to carry your essentials without distorting the flattering line of the shorts’ classic shape.

Constructed in the finest washed stretch cotton, the fabric and fit will work hard to keep you feeling – and looking – cool when you most need it, and the muted olive green is an exceptionally versatile shade that treads the line between sophistication and wearability for every occasion. Historically, Bermuda shorts have suffered from a bad reputation, thanks to the mass-produced loud prints favoured by tasteless tourists, but the Rubinacci family has proven that their magic Neapolitan touch and the contemporary of tailored shorts is ever-present, blending traditional menswear with a considered approach to luxury that, considering the house’s heritage, is unsurprisingly uncontested.



    August 2016


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