Sannino: Your New Favourite Casualwear Brand

One of Naples’ best-kept secrets, Sannino is a family-owned outerwear brand that doesn’t compromise on quality or style. And your wardrobe couldn’t be happier…  
Borrowing cues from workwear, Sannino's dark brown trucker jacket features gunmetal hardware to great effect and looks especially cool with the collar turned up. Photo by Jamie Ferguson.

There’s a well known saying regarding Naples. It goes, “Vedi Napoli e poi muori!”, which translates as “See Naples and die!” Sure, it is quite dramatic, but also very much plausible. There’s the architecture, which is set on top of Greek and Roman ruins, the ambrosial cuisine, diverse culture and the chaotic beauty that reverberates throughout the city. On top of all of that, and the primary reason for The Rake’s unconditional love for Naples, is the concentration of artistry and craftsmanship is remarkable. There are so many little-known and established households hidden away down nondescript alleyways. There’s no two ways about it, nowhere else on earth has what Naples has to offer in terms of handmade garments and accessories.

For a company of over 40 years, Sannino is one of the aforementioned little-known Neapolitan manufacturers, which we now have the pleasure of offering on The outerwear business was founded 1981 and like many Neapolitan manufactures back then, it produced garments entirely for other brands. It wasn’t until four years ago that the family-owned business (there are currently seven members in key roles) turned its attention to producing under its own name. While you may not have heard of it, the chances that you’ve come across garments made by Sannino’s craftspeople are high, as it produces for a long list of brands in Italy and further afield, names of which, unsurprisingly, are classified. Such is its prowess in outerwear, a lot of its clients merely come to them with a simple idea, and rely on the people at Sannino to create it entirely.


    November 2018


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