The Strongest Shoulders in Bespoke Tailoring

In need of a suit which packs a punch? Strong shoulders are integral to making a powerful impression and these are the tailors who cut them.

The shoulders of a suit are one of its foremost parts and every tailor on the planet cuts his differently. They are one of the most integral elements of any well made suit; a part of its DNA, of the aesthetic which brings a suit to life and gives it its beguiling three dimensionality. As such, the suit's shoulders are a component which above all else have the power to create a unparalleled sense of impact, or to detract from it.

Naturally, many bespoke tailors create shoulders which aim to be soft and unassuming above all else, some tailor shoulders which are comfortable and easy to wear, perfect for an understated casual look, or for the every day. Even so, a smaller maverick school of thought takes pride in creating shoulders of such priapic proportions that one cannot help but feel like a body-builder with them on. These are craftsmen who create shoulders to be noticed in, shoulders which own a room, inspire confidence and an almost irrational sense of virility. In short, these most structured of shoulders elevate their wearer to the status of sartorial demi-God; these are are the shoulders of power suits...


May 2016


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