Step Into The Light: Luxury White Sneakers

The time to transition from sturdy leather shoes to lightweight sneakers is certainly upon us, and we present a selection of favourite whites shot at the exceptional South Kensington Club to…

Personally, I’ve always had a thing for white sneakers. I just can’t seem to help myself; you could call it a rollercoaster romance with a sleek, minimalist and versatile beauty. Unfortunately though, it’s polygamous. It’s a tough pill to swallow that I’m not their only admirer, as white sneakers are a serious catch. They're a safe bet which you can take home and impress the family, they don’t come off as arrogant, flashy or brash. But, to be honest, I’m not that loyal when it comes to them either, the chase is the best part.

However, regardless of the inadvertent sin of sneaker-adultery, I also still flirt and can’t help but appreciate the craft, material quality and the lineage of know-how behind traditional English shoemakers. I daydream about owning an Edward Green Dover in espresso suede, but white sneakers are just so wonderfully easy, multi-functional and comforting beyond traditional leather shoes’ capacity. I like my relationships to be easy-going and I love beautiful things which are comforting, assiduous and to be frank, make me look better.

Besides, we can all agree that the world is becoming more and more casual, which inevitably divides and unites sartorialists. Whilst one has to acknowledge sartorial gospel, the relationship and aesthetic between tailoring and sneakers is becoming more and more prevalent in the contemporary psyche. It is, without doubt, ‘a thing’, Rake readers. White sneakers should be seen as a trusted companion, a nobel escort of sorts which you can rely on.

Now more than ever, luxury brands have taken note of the importance and relevance of sneakers. Many take silhouettes from sports and leisure brands and reinterpret them, change an element here and there, but also up the material quality, and Berluti’s Playfield Sneaker is a stunning example of that. Made from an incredibly supple and soft calfskin, its silhouette is reminiscent of a stereotypical 1960s tennis sneaker. The tongue logo and heel tab reflect Berluti’s renowned practice of patination and keep to the houses’s identity, with the dark brown patina adding a touch of formality whilst the durable sole ensures longevity.


February 2017


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