Swede Disposition: AW18 in Paris

Just days before vintage-enthusiast Nathaniel Asseraf packed his bags and moved back to Sweden to run the family business, there was an opportunity to take to the streets and test some key pieces from our autumn/winter 18 offering.

When it comes to producing projects, it always helps when the two central people involved happen to be great friends. When that's the case, there’s a strong element of authenticity to the project which makes it seem relatively easy and candid. This is the case in this photoshoot, which is a collaborative effort between two of our favourite Scandinavians: Milad Abedi and Nathaniel Asseraf. Milad is a leader in men’s style street photography and has helped us define sartorial trends through his imagery from Pitti Uomo. He's also the owner of one of the best beards in the industry. Nathaniel Asseraf is easily one of the coolest guys in menswear, who’s recently left working at Ralph Lauren in Paris to run the family business, Broadway & Sons. If you happen to be travelling to Gothenburg, Sweden, in the near future, we strongly urge you to visit the store as there’s simply nowhere else on earth like it.

With a small window of opportunity, Nathaniel and Milad selected some of their favourite pieces from our autumn/winter 2018 offering. With an emphasis on outerwear and the foresight to incorporate and reflect Nathaniel’s personal sense of style with his collection of vintage, houses such as Rubinacci, Schott NYC,Doppia, Dalcuore, Ring Jacket and more take to the stage.

Nathaniel’s sense of style is certainly unique and, most of all, refreshing. He doesn't care for brand names nor is he influenced by reputation; instead he looks for quality, history, fit and tone. When it comes to tailoring, his years at Ralph Lauren have certainly influenced his sense of style, with elements of collegiate prep and a British school of thought. But, overall, he serves us a lesson in how to approach tonal dress, layering, accessorising, actually, pretty much everything.


October 2018


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