How Temporary Forevers Creates From Contradictions

Born out of the opposition between permanence and transience, Temporary Forevers has risen to become one of London’s most exciting and innovative luxury leather goods specialists.
Temporary Forevers' versatile range of handcrafted bags is ideal for taking you from the city to the airport and then beyond.

‘Temporary’ plus ‘Forever’: what seems like a blatant paradox is in fact an enterprising London accessories brand that specialises in luxury leather bags. The company’s humble beginning as a Kickstarter campaign seems at odds with the global reputation for high-quality design that it now enjoys. But, then again, this is a brand that is characterised by uncanny contradictions.

One such contradiction is the brand’s position as both disciples of luxury and tastemakers in their own right. Company founder, Alex Buzaianu, believes that this duality – this ability both to relate and to dictate – is the reason behind the brand’s success. “I believe that so many people joined us on our Kickstarter projects because we can relate to them, as essentially we are one of them. We have similar values and similar lifestyles even though we may live on different continents.”

What was it that unified Temporary Forevers’ founder and his consumers? A desire for undiluted luxury, for the quality of the products to speak for itself, without prices being driven up unnecessarily by a cunningly marketed image of the brand. “We cut down to the bare minimum extra costs such as expensive offices, to the point where my parents’ house was full of Kickstarter bags waiting to be sent.” So principled is Alex’s idea of luxury that he would even channel his profits back into the bags, making design improvements that resulted in the bags being worth much more than their price. “It may not make much financial sense, but it was our way of thanking our backers that helped us get the brand off the ground.” It’s this honest, down-to-earth approach that won Temporary Forevers its loyal global following.


    July 2018


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