The One-Man Jet Set

‘Broadway’ Joe Namath was American football’s first modern superstar, feted as a leader on the field and a sex symbol off it. At his peak, he carried not only a team but the dreams of millions of men…
Leading the Jets to victory over the Baltimore Colts in the 1969 Super Bowl.

I support the New York Jets, which is a statement met consistently with a slew of ‘whys?’ and ‘poor yous’. We are perennial losers. The worst team in New York state sports, with a litany of crazy head coaches, terrible luck and bad draft picks, offering us nothing we can hang our hat on. Except one thing: Joe Namath. After guaranteeing victory in a press conference before he led the Jets to their first — and to this date only — Super Bowl championship, in 1969, Namath ran off the field at Miami’s Orange Bowl with his finger pointing to the sky, declaring, “We did it!” It is considered one of the most iconic images in American sports history.


Joe Chamberlin


October 2022


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