The Rake meets Luke Edward Hall

The artist allowed The Rake a glimpse into his North London studio for a masterclass in colour and curiosity…

Luke Edward Hall opens the door, allows The Rake in to his studio, and – in a quintessentially English manner – asks, ‘would you like some tea?’ The artist (and designer) is in demand these days, but he’s taken some time to speak to The Rake about his work. He pops over to the kettle, ‘I’ll be with you in a moment’.

That’s OK, we don’t mind dawdling; admiring all the whimsical artefacts, prints, and vintage Italian tins. The room kind of sweeps you away into a whirlwind of colour. It is clearly the sanctuary of a sentimental, obsessive soul – a miner of beautiful objects, an artiste (although Marie Kondo might have a few words). Of course, everything is placed purposely so Luke can soak up inspiration for his work.

Work of which The Rake readers may have inadvertently admired in some of their favourite brands. His menswear collaborations include designing Rowing Blazers’ rugby shirts (‘very creative people’), gorgeous Drake’s accessories (‘they are doing something very special, right now’), and on velvet Stubbs & Wootton shoes. There’s a pair loafing around in his studio, in fact. Fancied anything ‘Greco-Roman’ recently? Felt a desire to pair pink socks and green cords? Blame the paint-stained prints of Mr. Hall himself.

‘I’ve had this studio since 2015’, he says. Before that, Luke began a three-year menswear degree at Central Saint Martin’s College in London. After selling antiques for a while with his partner Duncan, he was offered a chance to work in interior design. Since then, he has been commissioned by the likes of Burberry, Christies, the Royal Academy, and London’s Liberty store; his career has been covered extensively by the media – Vogue magazine dubbing him a ‘Wunderkind’ - and now The Rake. He smiles modestly when we recount his success, ‘I sort of fell into it’.


May 2019


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